Advanced Alt Workshop


Bob Carnie/ Gum Bichromate

December 27-30 2017

1840 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

This workshop is aimed at those people who have a desire to learn in a welcoming atmosphere how to make wonderful permanent prints and have:

-Taken a workshop with us before

-Can show that they exhibit the right knowledge base to not slow down the other printers.

The goal of this workshop will be to make a series of 15×20 prints on paper that are multiple layered images, Gum over Palladium, Duotone Gum, or Tri Tone Gum Bichromate. Your choice of process and look rather than teacher directed.

We will stay with this image size to maximize workflow for the course of four days. This size is a traditional aspect ratio for portfolio prints.

The hours of this workshop are from 8 am – 5 :30pm each day with group dinners considered after each long day.


There will be a set fee of $450 per person. Find tickets HERE

This includes the use of the facilities (two plate burners, coating room, washout area, dry area), access to Bob Carnie’s knowledge of printing plus an experienced staff member; gloves, developing chemicals, wash out chemicals, distilled water and pigments for coating As well test paper to get us rolling.

All materials for the workshop can be bought individually from us at the following rates.

Custom Negative- $10 each

Hahnemühle Paper- 15×20 $5.50 per sheet

Palladium Coat – $14 per coat 15 x20

Personal brushes will be available in advance for purchase.



Photo cred/Thomas Brasch

What we will be doing and learning

Photoshop methods to create separation negatives from supplied files.

Printing to Epson Printer with Inkpress materials

Film Stripping for registration needs

Preparing paper for printing

Coating paper for Palladium and Gum Bichromate

Exposing paper and processing out

Water and Brush work to create magical effects


Group sessions on aspects will be short and followed by practice.


Photo cred/ Ian Campbell

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