Kindred Montreal | Toronto

The Ecomusée Du Fier Monde
October 20 opening reception from 6-9pm
October 21 Open viewing from 11am-5:30pm
Connections Gallery

November 3 opening reception from 6-9pm
Exhibition is on until November 29

Martine Michaud.jpg

Martine Michaud

Kindred is a portrait exhibition printed entirely using permanent processes. Each photographer has submitted an image of someone within their community that they admire along with a description of their relationship to their subject. The result is an exhibition of people from all walks of life who are being celebrated through the photographic medium.
Kindred will first be popping up for two days in Montreal where we have one branch of our network within the photographic community. This exhibition is comprised of a large number of Quebec artists, allowing for a true exchange when the show is installed in Toronto this November.


Linda Kooluris Dobbs
Salina Kassam
John Migicovsky
Juli Lyons
Lisa Murzin
Thomas Brasch
Bob Carnie
Shelagh Howard
​Marlene Hilton Moore
​Philip Jessup
Anthony DeLorenzo

Normand Blouin
Suzanne Vo-Ho
Jean-Sébastien Vaillancourt
Nathalie Garceau
Daniel Miller
Alexia Righetti
Pierre Dalpé
Guy Glorieux
Céline Lalonde
Martine Michaud
Janick Houle
Francois Spenard​

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