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Pallas (pronounced Palace) is one of the lesser-known Greek pantheon goddesses and the origin of the name for the element Palladium. An obvious choice to describe a celebrity portrait exhibition printed using a permanent printmaking process.

At its heart, Pallas is a portrait show celebrating actors and musicians from across genres. It is also an ongoing project that aims to bring together some of the world’s top photographers and master printer Bob Carnie. Each print is made using a permanent printmaking process and seeks to create an enduring record of those whom we celebrate, and the photographer.


Jenny Lens

Schedule of Events

Friday November 10 from 6pm-10pm

The Rivoli | 334 Queen St W

Print Auction and VIP Reception | Tickets found HERE

Join us November 10 at the Rivoli for a chance to bring home a unique permanent print of your favorite celebrity. Not bidding? You can still come check out the atmosphere at this iconic Toronto bar, listen to some old school tunes and make your own bets which print will be the evening’s top bid.

Saturday November 11 from 9am-10pm

918 Bathurst

Photography Workshops + Frank Ockenfels 3 Lecture | Tickets found HERE


Brendan Meadows Lighting Workshop 9am-12pm

Creating your personal style as portrait photographer can be challenging to say the least. The Tuff-Mudder of lighting workshops being offered will allow you to wade into a number of lighting set-ups and try something you haven’t experienced before. The context of this workshop will discuss how their approach informs the pictures they make and the best possible output. Use of very simple lighting set ups, location and using the sun as a light source will all be covered loosely.

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Matt Barnes Portrait Workshop 1pm-4pm

This workshop is a rare opportunity to see Matt shoot a live creative portrait session for his portfolio. He will focus on the importance of shooting creatives — photography solely for yourself as an artistic expression. In the commercial world where you creating images for other people, companies, and products, it can sometimes be tricky to negotiate and balance one’s creativity. Personal projects are a great way to stay inventive and fresh.


Frank Ockenfels 3 Lecture 7pm-10pm

Frank Ockenfels III is a Los Angeles based photographer who for over 30 years has enjoyed collaborating and creating with actors, artists, musicians, politicians, athletes and everyday people.

As a portrait photographer Frank’s work has crossed over into every category. Frank has photographed countless TV advertising campaigns for all the major networks and cable channels.
Frank’s work for major movie posters include many of the most popular films of our time. His work has also appeared as Theatrical advertising with shows such as Book of Mormon and Once.
His editorial work has appeared in almost every major magazine.
Frank has photographed over 200 album covers and press shoots for both major and independent record labels with various musicians.

Check out the full image gallery on the PALLAS website HERE