Portfolio Program

The Dylan Ellis Gallery prides itself on being an incubator gallery, showcasing work from artists in various stages of their careers.

Our Portfolio Program helps feature work from artists year round by housing their prints in the gallery. Work is available for viewing by appointment only. This ensures that we can give you one on one time with the prints and go over the various processes used to create the work.

The Portfolio I show features a few of the artists in our Portfolio Program. Below are a few samples of what you will see on the walls of the Dylan Ellis Gallery from March 2-March 30.

Join us for the opening reception March 3 from 1pm-3pm

Bob Carnie | Robert McIntyre | John Migicovsky | Monica Glitz | Marie Heintzman

Adam Killick | Matthew Plexman | Vik Tuli | Paulette Michayluck | Laura Paterson

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Vik Tuli

Portfolio Show | March 2-March 30 | Opening March 3 6pm-9pm

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Vik Tuli is a visual person who loves both beauty and form. He has a busy upper extremity orthopaedic surgery practice  but on his down time enjoys photography. He has a special interest in wildlife and landscape. He recognizes the dramatic change that is ongoing in nature and wishes to document these precious and fragile moments.

Marie Heintzman

Portfolio Show | March 2-March 30 | Opening March 3 6pm-9pm

mheintzman_eagle hero small



Marie Heintzman is a photographic artist residing in Blackstock, Ontario. Following a rewarding, professional career as a clinical audiologist and business woman, Marie embraced a creative career in art and photography in 2009. Intensive study at the Summit Photography Workshop in Jackson, Wyoming honed her technical skills and fuelled her longstanding love affair with nature and wildlife. Whether photographing grizzly bears and their cubs in Alaska, polar bears in northern Canada, bison in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem or cheetahs in Eastern Africa, Marie strives to share the excitement of the moment and an understanding of the importance of wildlife conservancy.

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Adam Killick

Portfolio I | March 2-March 30 2016 | Opening March 3 6pm-9pm

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I got my first SLR when I was 11, and since then, a camera has seldom left my side, which sometimes makes sleeping uncomfortable. My work in photography and documentary journalism has spanned everything from dog-sled trails in Alaska to side streets in Argentina to the shipping lanes of the north Atlantic. I have ruined numerous cameras attempting to achieve ill-advised, unorthodox perspectives of people, animals, and 40-foot-high ocean waves.

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