Call For Submissions: Emergence

Emergence Promo.jpg


December 1-January 8 2018 | Opening December 7 2017 6-9pm

The Connections Gallery is seeking submissions for our annual Emergence photography group show in December 2017. This nine person group show showcases artists who are new to the gallery or have new work.

Four artists will be chosen by a jury to exhibit their work in Montreal in Spring 2018.

This show will also be advertised in the Winter issue of Canadian Art.


Submission guidelines

If interested please submit the following


Layout proposal

Printing and framing proposal

Fees Per Artist

Space rental/marketing/reception- $460


Spots are booked on a first come first served basis.


Contact Photo: Location, The Okavango Delta

Our 2016 Contact Photo Festival feature is photographer Monica Glitz.

Monica will be showcasing her works from her Ancient Splendor series that documents UNESCO World Heritage sites. Each print featured in the show will be made using alternative printmaking processes.

Below is one of the locations featured in the show, The Okavango Delta

April 22 – May 31 | Opening April 28



The Okavango Delta, one of the most incredible wilderness sanctuaries in Africa, is an area 15 000 square kilometres of permanent and seasonal rivers and water channels, lagoons, swamps grasslands, woodlands and islands. Each year, floodwaters flow down the Okavango River from the central African highlands over 1000 km away into the fan-shaped Delta, to create this wondrous wetland within the arid Kalahari. It is the largest intact inland delta in the world, one of the very few major delta systems that does not flow into a sea or ocean. One of natures masterpieces, this vast and virtually untouched freshwater wetlands is in the heart of a desert yet supports a rich abundance of wildlife, and is a setting of dazzling natural beauty.

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