February Portfolio Pop Ups



February 6-12 | Matthew Plexman, Monica Glitz, Kevin Kelly                                             February 13-19 | Robert McIntyre, John Migicovsky, Sandy King                                       February 20-26 | David Hunsberger, Bob Carnie, Laura Patterson, Philip Jessup

February will be the month of pop ups!

Featuring the images of photographers whose work is on site in the gallery, matted and ready for presentation, each show will be displayed on easels.

During the pop ups in February, the gallery hours will be extended on Thursdays to 8pm in order to accommodate later viewings.

Tribute to Sabattier | Q&A pt.2


Bob Carnie’s exhibition, Tribute to Sabattier is an ongoing printing project years in the making.

This show is on from August 4th to September 16 with an opening reception on August 20th

How did you start with this process?

I have always printed in a wet darkroom and many times when testing an image I would quickly throw out an unfixed print as it was obviously too dark or too light after the duration of time needed for development. After a while I started to look into the garbage pile and noticed curious effects that actually looked quite cool.

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Robert McIntyre

Narrative I | January 14 – February 29 2016 | Opening January 28 6pm-9pm

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I am a child of the 1950’s, third of four children of two WWII veterans. As a businessman our father travelled extensively, and we lived in various cities in Canada as well as five years in Australia. After graduating high school in Winnipeg I came to Toronto to study photography at Ryerson. On leaving Ryerson my career started with three years employment at Agfa’s distribution centre here in Toronto. I then began seeking work as an assistant/photographer and was fortunate to join with Masao Abe for ten years and Shun Sasabuchi for fifteen years. I am very grateful to both these photographers as they helped me grow both professionally and artistically.During this time I was persuing my own work, primarily event and street photography .

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