In En Transition Spotlight: Judith Bellavance

In/En Transition

March 1-31 2018  | Opening Reception March 2 | Artist talk March 3

In/En Transition presents an exchange of photography by exhibiting six Quebec artists in Toronto, and six Ontario artists in Montreal, reinforcing a sense of community between the two provinces.

Artists- Toronto- Connections Gallery
André DenisNathalie Garceau, Judith Bellavance, Caroline HayeurJean-Francois LeblancGuy Lafontaine


How has your process changed over your career as a photographer?
Coming from the painting world, I’ve always been interested in details that only show
themselves under the scrutiny of the observer. This fascination has progressively led me
to using photography to satisfy my curiosity for details, my pleasure in collecting and my
desire to tell. I found and adopted in photography the stance of the witness, which has
significantly expanded the scope my act of creation.
With photopgraphy, my work has developed under two main parts: showing and telling.
By the act of collecting, I can give my attention to small events of which I take
photographs, I then group, classify and file them, thus building a daily repository of
otherness. The act of collecting allows in second time a work on narration. I draw from
my collections and I combine freely and intuitively photographic objects that have a
potential to tell a tale, to which I give the format of small documentaries on the sensitive.


Born in Rimouski, I have live and work in Montreal.
Throughout my practice, I use the traces of the passage of time on objects and bodies to
address the themes of otherness, loss, absence and desire. By my attention to detail and
my work on the fragment, my approach to photography retains the indexical and
document qualities of the medium.
I completed a degree in Visual Arts at Laval University in Quebec City and studied at the
University of Quebec in Montreal. My work was supported by the Conseil des arts et des
lettres du Québec and the Canada Arts Council. My work has been presented in Quebec,
Portugal, Spain and Japan and is found in many public and private collections.

Call For Submissions: Emergence

Emergence Promo.jpg


December 1-January 8 2018 | Opening December 7 2017 6-9pm

The Connections Gallery is seeking submissions for our annual Emergence photography group show in December 2017. This nine person group show showcases artists who are new to the gallery or have new work.

Four artists will be chosen by a jury to exhibit their work in Montreal in Spring 2018.

This show will also be advertised in the Winter issue of Canadian Art.


Submission guidelines

If interested please submit the following


Layout proposal

Printing and framing proposal

Fees Per Artist

Space rental/marketing/reception- $460


Spots are booked on a first come first served basis.


Alternative Photo Revolution Spotlight 3

May 15-June 17

Opening May 18 from 6-9pm


1 | 2 | 3| 4| 5

The Dylan Ellis Gallery (soon to be renamed Connections) is happy to present the Alternative Photo Revolution, a group show featuring the work of 40 photographers.

Popping up in Glen Echo, Maryland and New Orleans, this exceptional show will be installing at 1840 Danforth in Toronto for CONTACT Photo Festival.

The prints in this exhibition are printed entirely using alternative printmaking processes, whether it be gum over palladium, silver gelatin or lumen.


Hugues Rochette.jpg

Hugues Rochette

Title: The orange bird of marsh | Print Type: Tri Colour Gum over Palladium

Photographers Location: Quebec

Jean Lauzon.jpg

Jean Lauzon

Title: Alicante, Espagne (Spain), 1991

Print Type: Duo Tone Digital Silver Print | Photographers Location: Quebec

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Toronto Offsite Design Festival

January 16-January 22

The Dylan Ellis Gallery is very excited to be hosting an installation for the Toronto Offsite Design Festival. On January 19th from 6-9pm, we will be combining the opening reception of Human Memory/The Soul of the Earth, a two person photography show, and the Offsite installation presented by SUMO Projects and artist Michele Guevara.

“Going into its 7th year, TO DO transforms Toronto into a hub for creativity, taking design and art out of the studio and into the urban sphere, bringing people together to celebrate contemporary culture. We provide opportunities for emerging talent, and engage the community with exceptional and accessible public programming.

In January 2016, TO DO had direct participation from 400+ designers and artists, 99,000+ visitors, 58+ million press impressions, and 66+ million brand impressions.”


SUMO Project is taking its Latin-American background to task by integrating the traditions of weaving and basketry into the design of Leonia Luminaire and Thesis Bench.

Textile art has been part of indigenous practices since precolonial times, assuming an important role in the development of human civilization and culture. Beyond its practical uses, textile art has also incorporated rich designs and colours into its more than 10,000-year evolution. Most of these designs, as many other ornamental practices, were used to embellish the skin, tell stories or represent tribal traditions. The use of vivid colours, for example, has remained as an expression of happiness and of the positive outlook that characterizes Latin-American culture.

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