Matthew Plexman in San Fransisco

Matthew Plexman and Carissa were just in San Francisco for the opening of “For the Love of Trees” at Photocentral.

“PhotoCentral presents For the Love of Trees, featuring the artwork of Matthew Plexman, John Dotta and Glenn Hemanes. These three artists examine our relationships with trees and landscape from different perspectives and viewpoints. Combining realism, impressionism and small-scale sculpture, the exhibit invites the viewer to look deeply.”

Matthew show 1.jpg

Matthew gave an artist talk about his project, Clearcut, to an enthusiastic audience. Phase One were in attendance, providing technical info on their camera systems and supporting Matthew’s reception. Thanks, Phase!

Matthew Show 3.jpg

Matthew and Carissa both visited Pier 24 Photography, where the exhibition, “The Grain of the present” was installed.

“The Grain of the Present, Pier 24 Photography’s ninth exhibition, examines the work of ten photographers at the core of the Pilara Foundation collection—Robert Adams, Diane Arbus, Lewis Baltz, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Lee Friedlander, Nicholas Nixon, Stephen Shore, Henry Wessel, and Garry Winogrand—whose works share a commitment to looking at everyday life as it is.”


They also visited the Minnesota Street Project, a facility that houses gallery’s, pop up spaces and artist studios!


Next up, Clearcut will be installing in Vancouver for the Capture Photo Festival!

Matthew Show 4.jpg

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