In En Transition Spotlight: Judith Bellavance

In/En Transition

March 1-31 2018  | Opening Reception March 2 | Artist talk March 3

In/En Transition presents an exchange of photography by exhibiting six Quebec artists in Toronto, and six Ontario artists in Montreal, reinforcing a sense of community between the two provinces.

Artists- Toronto- Connections Gallery
André DenisNathalie Garceau, Judith Bellavance, Caroline HayeurJean-Francois LeblancGuy Lafontaine


How has your process changed over your career as a photographer?
Coming from the painting world, I’ve always been interested in details that only show
themselves under the scrutiny of the observer. This fascination has progressively led me
to using photography to satisfy my curiosity for details, my pleasure in collecting and my
desire to tell. I found and adopted in photography the stance of the witness, which has
significantly expanded the scope my act of creation.
With photopgraphy, my work has developed under two main parts: showing and telling.
By the act of collecting, I can give my attention to small events of which I take
photographs, I then group, classify and file them, thus building a daily repository of
otherness. The act of collecting allows in second time a work on narration. I draw from
my collections and I combine freely and intuitively photographic objects that have a
potential to tell a tale, to which I give the format of small documentaries on the sensitive.


Born in Rimouski, I have live and work in Montreal.
Throughout my practice, I use the traces of the passage of time on objects and bodies to
address the themes of otherness, loss, absence and desire. By my attention to detail and
my work on the fragment, my approach to photography retains the indexical and
document qualities of the medium.
I completed a degree in Visual Arts at Laval University in Quebec City and studied at the
University of Quebec in Montreal. My work was supported by the Conseil des arts et des
lettres du Québec and the Canada Arts Council. My work has been presented in Quebec,
Portugal, Spain and Japan and is found in many public and private collections.

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