In En Transition Spotlight: Nathalie Garceau

In/En Transition

March 1-31 2018  | Opening Reception March 2 | Artist talk March 3

In/En Transition presents an exchange of photography by exhibiting six Quebec artists in Toronto, and six Ontario artists in Montreal, reinforcing a sense of community between the two provinces.

Artists- Toronto- Connections Gallery
André Denis, Nathalie Garceau, Judith BellavanceCaroline HayeurJean-Francois LeblancGuy Lafontaine

Luc 6x6 300 dpi sans copyright.jpg

How has your process changed over your career as a photographer?

In the beginning, I was always searching for the “perfect” image in the photos I
would make.  At that time the process was almost entirely externalized.
More and more, however, the process now takes place within myself.  I store
potential images that only exist in my imagination, organizing and filtering them
subconsciously, yet still aware of the process.  My creative process now is a
more visceral than cerebral endeavour.  Thus, the act of composing and making
a photograph becomes the final act in an process that increasingly begins within


I was born on March 24th, 1972 in Montreal.
A self-taught photographer, I became interested in photography well before the advent of digital technology. Although I have been practicing photography for almost twenty years now, it has mainly been since 2013 that my work has been shown in group exhibitions, as well as in duet with Montreal photographer Daniel Miller.
Most of my work is done in black and white. I am also just as interested in digital technology as in medium format film. Street photography, landscapes and large format portraits are the subjects which fascinate me the most. Whether it be in terms of shooting, processing or printing, the quality of my work is essential.
For me, photography goes well beyond the release of the shutter. I try to suggest a reflection or a perspective of multiple emotions upon the human condition – collectively, or as an individual. Thus, it should be no surprise that I have chosen to work in both social work and photography for so many years.
Since 2013, I have participated in several exhibitions in Montreal and Toronto.


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