Artist Spotlight: Lorraine Parow

Through a Lens: Our Female Gaze

February 1-February 28

Opening Reception February 8 | Artist Talks February 10

Through a Lens: Our Female Gaze presents six artists who are telling their stories through the photographic lens. Lisa Murzin, Shelagh Howard, Marlene Hilton Moore, Lorraine Parow, Janet Holmes and Lauren Young share a variety of work for this exhibition hailing from different backgrounds, generations and experiences.




“Letting The Girls Fly’ provokes an intimate invitation to explore the individual discoveries in each tiny documentary framed photograph. These tiny images are of posters, hand written by women and placed throughout the woods. They contain simple truths. They are small reminders to be delighted by, and heal through. They are intended to invoke memory, to empower and inspire inclusion. They are positive ‘flash cards’.

How has your photographic process been informed by your experiences

Two stages of major developmental influences inform my photo-based imagery, before college and since college (grad of 1980) Before college (1977) In my life I communed with nature from the beginning, partially because it was so fascinating, ever evolving and utterly captivating and magical. Creation fascinated me. Nature and natural light with it’s endless variations moved me.

As it would be discovered in my mid thirties. Throughout my life I’d suffered from an impairment of my vision, leaving me compensating and working hard to overcome everyday life in a very strained manner. I know now when I reflect upon those decades of difficulty I recognize in hind sight that in fact I knew to find a quiet refuge in nature from the beginning. I developed a profound work ethic to keep up with my eye impairment disadvantage. It would turn out that I learned exceptional discipline on the track team where by our school happen to have an Olympic track coach who would impart his wisdom in such a manner that to this day I continue with much of his methods to make a commitment to gain ‘my personal best’.

In my senior year in high school I was confronted with the decision to further my education with either track or photography. This would require and either/or decision as each advanced education institution would be in different ends of the province. I focused on photography. My education changed my life, it consists of a 3 year photographic arts program, a 3 year advanced digital photography program, a 2 year painting, sculpture, drawing, 3D design program. I admired the real image achieved in the analogue optical format that a camera provided. It gave me the real thing when my eyes could not exactly do so. I set out to create a career in the photographic community since 1980.

This stage two has transformed my sensitivity to colour as a custom cibachrome printer for decades, to light as a location photographer, to the arts an assistant photographic gallery curator and production manager, and to production as a shooter for fantastic clients and magazines and stock agencies. Plus I continued through out these decades fine tuning many bodies of photo-based art work. I was also printing, framing and showing annually in a variety of remarkably diverse and accessible venues.

I continue to have a passion to seek out, to find beauty in the everyday, to create a positive impact, to discover ways to share images and ultimately to stop the moment in someone’s everyday life to create a single pause, a resting moment. I want to interrupt a person’s routine to share a simple moment with an image I’d discovered. It is with the recovery of my eye impairment since the mid 90’s that I enthusiastically embrace the everyday with a renewed sense of this freedom. I just want to shoot, share and celebrate the possibility in the everyday.

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