Emergence Spotlight | Marlene Hilton Moore

December 1-January 8 2018 | Opening December 7 2017 6-9pm

Emergence showcases the work of a group of photographers who are presenting new and exciting work. This is the second iteration of this exhibition in which four artists will be chosen to exhibit in Montreal in 2018.

Lindsi Hollend |Anna Borcherdt |Adrian Oosterman |Cat StambolicAndrew Persaud

Marlene Hilton Moore | Raquel Moliterno

Botticelli Runner 3338 web

What is your process
I create my photographs of women from the perspective of concept. The woman, her place and the combination of the two can spark my ideas. I do not concentrate on photographic technique but let the concept and the situation develop the technique. It may be there is a special source of light or simply bright daylight. It may be a choice between a focus on the woman from a distance immersed in her place or a focus on her portrait. In my series Pixie’s World, the place of Pixie’s bachelor apartment was a given, but it was the accident of the single-source light that created mysterious shadows and brilliant highlights. Combined with the light were the idiosyncratic personality of Pixie and the collision of her art and body within the space.
The series Cathedral focused explicitly on the concept of an elderly urban woman in a silver gown returned to her rural roots and photographed in her family barn. The woman’s white hair, the molten silver gown and the light that filtered through the spaces between the boards of the barn once again created a unique environment of light and luminescence, which greatly shaped the photographs.
The two series Ancestral and Botticelli Runner were shot in bright daylight. In Ancestral the central technique was the conceptual combination of the woman in the Baie de Chaleur moonscape rocks that dwarfed her, counterpointed with her posed against the ancestral homestead in intimate portrait relationship.
The young woman who is a Botticelli vision with her complexion and red hair is a long
distance runner. I was intrigued by the contrast of the delicacy of my Botticelli vision
against the hard reality of her long distance running discipline. Softness and hardness –
rigidity of track and flow of beach sand as running places – softness of flowing red hair and pink velvet gown against the rigidity of developed muscle. These elements became the focus of the photographs.

Botticelli Runner 3367 web

Where Do you want to go with your work
I will continue my photographs of women that explore the relationship between a woman and her place within a shared conceptual framework. There is a cultural impact on our lives shaped by geography and place which I find especially impacts women. Whether it is tiny apartment, rural barn, east coast rock or urban running track, women form intimate bonds with their own place.
I neglected to mention that in each series the woman is wearing a quite specific dress, most often one I have sewn myself to meet my vision. Obviously the Botticelli runner does not race in a pink velvet gown but this gown enhances my vision. The dress has now become an essential component and I will continue this element.
I have discovered by accidental selection that the women photographed so far have been
different generations; 80’s, 40’s, 20’s and teen. I am curious whether I will deliberately
choose the remaining generations. I choose women I personally know and I add my
perceptions of them to their own reality. I do not want to distort a woman to my perceptions, as her own truth is a necessary component. I believe in art without artifice. My vision does not become an artifice as it is so intertwined with my knowledge of each
woman, and her truth is not a documentary effect but emanates more explicitly from her
aura. I am committed to the exploration of women in the ways I have described and do not intend to envision additional elements nor to switch genders for a continued period of time. I see an infinite variety of potential within these limited ingredients of woman, place, dress and concept. Over time I may increase the idea of ‘mise en scène’ but only to the point that reality is still entrenched.

Bottecilli Runner 3179 web
What do you want people to take away from your images
I essentially want people to ‘wonder’ – who is this woman, what is she like, what place is
this that touches her. I want people to notice the detail of the face, body language, dress, and physical space. I want people to sense the aura of the image and to enjoy the play of the shared components of vision and reality.

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