Emergence Spotlight | Cat Stambolic

December 1-January 8 2018 | Opening December 7 2017 6-9pm

Emergence showcases the work of a group of photographers who are presenting new and exciting work. This is the second iteration of this exhibition in which four artists will be chosen to exhibit in Montreal in 2018.

Lindsi Hollend |Anna Borcherdt |Adrian Oosterman |Cat Stambolic | Andrew Persaud

Marlene Hilton MooreRaquel Moliterno

Version 2

What is your process?

 My process is lead by experimentation and materials.  I try to allow for the experience of making to inform the final result, and encourage spontaneity to reveal itself.  This itself is a challenge for me, as in most aspects of my life I most often find myself trying to control as much as possible.  By challenging myself to relinquish control, I find myself walking hand-in-hand with my work as opposed to me leading it and forcing it down a certain path.  As I work I meaning and content develops itself. 

 Negative Experimentation006

Where do you want your work to go?

 I want my work to continue to challenge trusted realities, and to grow into a place where the everyday at face value is challenged.  Right now, this has a focus on chemical imbalances in the brain, but I want to push that into challenging different perspectives on their own; independent of the individual experience and unified under the shared experience of viewing.

 Negative Experimentation008

What do you want people to take away from your work?

 I want people to see my work and question whether something is or isn’t there.  If it is actually there, was it always there, or is that change simply an interference in memory patterns?  When we experience something, the memory can change based on emotion, who you were with, how much time has passed, or even simple reflection.  That change in reality, in re-telling and story-telling, is what I want people to question.  I want people to leave, and question the truth of their surrounding realities.

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