Emergence Spotlight | Anna Borcherdt

December 1-January 8 2018 | Opening December 7 2017 6-9pm

Emergence showcases the work of a group of photographers who are presenting new and exciting work. This is the second iteration of this exhibition in which four artists will be chosen to exhibit in Montreal in 2018.

Lindsi Hollend |Anna Borcherdt |Adrian Oosterman |Cat StambolicAndrew Persaud

Marlene Hilton MooreRaquel Moliterno

Sunrise JPEG.jpg

What is your process?

My process often requires getting up while it’s still dark out to capture the sun rising in different places. Everything is shot on film, primarily using an old Nikon camera I inherited and had repaired from my great uncle in Sweden. I edit minimally, mainly only removing dust specks and minor colour correcting if needed. I print them myself at the Centre for Photography in Woodstock, NY. They’ve got a great work space and are always generous with their knowledge.

I keep the post-process as simple as possible, and I try to capture any effect I want in-camera. So much of it has to do with framing and light, what you already have right there in front of you. Film is able to capture so much mood and texture. Keeping it simple might also come from the fact that I have a hard time sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time.

Moon Sliver JPEG.jpg
Where do you want to go with your work?

I find myself drawn to a place of stillness and breath, a sort of meditative state in my work. The focus on nature goes back to my roots of growing up in a small town in Sweden and spending a lot time in the woods. The idea that nature is so full of beauty that all you need to do is stop, look, and listen. From an environmentalist standpoint, it’s our responsibility to be good caregivers to this planet and I want to show the beauty in nature and that it’s worth preserving.

Woods, Water, Sun JPEG.jpg

What do you want people to take away from your images?

I want people look at an image and wonder what it is. Some are more obvious, like a crescent moon, but some that look like a full moon might actually be the sun. In “Layers” it looks as though the background to the trees is the sky, but if you look at the top of the photo there is yet another tree line. What looked like the sky is actually a mountain. My favourite images are often the ones where people have to ask what it is, because there are no tricks or photoshop, it’s the scale and framing of the subject.

Layers JPEG.jpg

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