Emergence Spotlight | Lindsi Hollend

December 1-January 8 2018 | Opening December 7 2017 6-9pm

Emergence showcases the work of a group of photographers who are presenting new and exciting work. This is the second iteration of this exhibition in which four artists will be chosen to exhibit in Montreal in 2018.

Lindsi Hollend |Anna Borcherdt |Adrian Oosterman |Cat StambolicAndrew Persaud

Marlene Hilton Moore Raquel Moliterno


What is your process?

Most of my images are created exclusively in camera – I don’t rely heavily on post-processing to bring life to the images – and I use a variety of techniques to achieve the sense of movement, colour and space in the scene. My aim is to observe and dissect a moment in time down to one still image. I am fascinated by the fact that our environment changes every moment, and it’s important for me to capture my perspective at that moment. My inspiration comes from my experiences, reflections, thoughts, and movements in my life, and my images are an extension of how I see the world. I focus on using a unique perspective to capture ordinary scenes in unique ways. My work is face-mounted to crystal clear acrylic which allows the images to seemingly float off the wall, subtly informing viewers that my larger-than-life creations cannot be bound by borders or frames.


Shifting  2.jpg

Where do you want to go with your work?

I am always pushing myself to try new techniques with my camera.  My downtime is spent dreaming about different ways to capture ordinary things, specifically regarding the perspective of those things.  Since I don’t rely on post-processing techniques or applications, I think about ways to capture the essence of the scene just with my camera.  I have been thinking very abstractedly lately, and am trying to find ways to “see” my environments in different ways.  For example, using natural filters to capture the scene, or manipulating the scene in a way that will amplify what I see.  My long term goal is ultimately to continue to find new ways of expressing myself creatively, and to be recognized for my unique perspective. I would like my work to be part of every art lovers collection – no matter what their past experience or knowledge is.  There is nothing I love more than seeing a client connect with the work they have chosen. I am honoured when people are proud to include my work as part of their home.

Shifting 1.jpg

What do you want people to take away from your images:

For many years, I have been fascinated by the elusive state of ‘Flow’, which is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and the resulting sense of lost space and time.  Being in the moment.  Being present.  Being still.

In an effort to capture this feeling in my work, I aim to present my perspective in a unique way, one that the viewer hasn’t seen before. The results are unexpected and unpredictable – and most images are not easily replicated. I hope that viewers relate to the images, and, through the experience, become more deeply connected to the present moment. I hope to remind viewers that they are intrinsically part of the moment they are observing.  I hope that my images evoke feelings of excitement, wonder and beauty.

Shifting 3.jpg






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