Kindred Artists Pt 1

The Ecomusée Du Fier Monde
October 20 opening reception from 6-9pm
October 21 Open viewing from 11am-5:30pm
Connections Gallery

November 3 opening reception from 6-9pm
Exhibition is on until November 29

Artists Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Kindred is a portrait exhibition printed entirely using permanent processes. Each photographer has submitted an image of someone within their community that they admire along with a description of their relationship to their subject. The result is an exhibition of people from all walks of life who are being celebrated through the photographic medium.
Kindred will first be popping up for two days in Montreal where we have one branch of our network within the photographic community. This exhibition is comprised of a large number of Quebec artists, allowing for a true exchange when the show is installed in Toronto this November.

Linda Kooluris Dobbs.jpg

Linda Kooluris Dobbs

Physically and mentally strong, Patrick Danquah is known as a serious, very private and a mysterious man.  He is mesmerizing as he moves like a hummingbird with clear and precise form and rhythm drawn from his Ghanaian roots. The effect is like fireworks, inspiring my performance and rehearsal Latin dance photography for the last eight years. Experiencing this from the inside out, I also have been fortunate having been one of Patrick’s dance students in Toronto. Here in rest, one still feels his power.

 Normand Blouin Anne Méziat-.jpg

Normand Blouin

Dr Méziat is a 54-year-old surgeon of French origin who specialized in general, bariatric and advanced laparoscopic surgery, and is an associate professor at the University of Sherbrooke, a university director and a chief-surgeon. She’s the first woman ever to head a department of surgery in Québec. During her summer holiday, while she was studying medicine, she worked 6 years with Mother Teresa at her home for the dying in Calcutta, India. I am filled with admiration for all her achievements. Her portrait, was taken earlier in January 2017.

Salina Kindred.jpg

Salina Kassam

Kumbh Mela is the largest pilgirimage in India, occurring every 12 years in Ujain where the religious come to bathe in the holy waters.  During the Mela, pujas, meditation, and other spiritual practices like mantra chanting have a special significance. We bore witness to these moving rituals and met many souls, this one spoke most softly and strongly to me.

Suzanne Vo Ho.jpg

Suzanne Vo Ho

Le plus beau souvenir que j’ai de ma grand-mère est ce moment passé seule avec elle. Cette dame était dotée d’une grande ouverture d’esprit. Elle a rapidement accepté mon père, un des premiers immigrants vietnamiens. Ma mère est exceptionnelle, et ce, en grande partie grâce à elle. Mon grand-père avait donné des rosiers à mes parents afin d’orner notre terrain. Ses fleurs représentent pour moi l’importance de nos racines et me rappellent ma grand-mère.

Jean Sebastien Vaillencourt.jpg

Jean-Sébastien Vaillancourt

Hai Vo-Ho, paternel de Sue, aurait 71 ans aujourd’hui. Il décéda en 2001. Né à Saigon, il fuit le Vietnam pour venir s’installer à Jonquière en 1965. Ma conjointe et moi sommes partis au Vietnam en 2012. Nous rencontrâmes le «starman», ici photographié, à Nha Trang. Si Hai n’avait jamais quitté sa contrée, c’est peut-être lui que j’aurais photographié, sans ma copine, dans cette ville. Contemplant ma solitude, aurait-il été à côté du «starman»…me souriant?

Laura Paterson.jpg

Bob Carnie

Every day Laura and the dogs say goodbye to me as I leave, and every night I come home to these three who have nothing but love and attention for me. Without them I know I could not do what I do each day. They are my strength.

Lucy is our fierce protector, Barney has more simple needs, tug of war with “dad” at the end of the day. Laura takes care of all of us. I cannot be more thankful for them.


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