Urban Spotlight: Stephanie Kretzschmer


October 1-30 2017 | Opening Reception October 12 from 6-9pm

Urban features the work of Stephanie Kretzschmer, Guy Lafontaine, Robert McIntyre, Joachim Oepkes, David Edwards and Alan Dunlop. This exhibition focuses on the evolution of cities and humankind’s relationship to space.

Stephanie Kretzschmer


What inspires you?

Living: seeing, reading, feeling, touching, experiencing and sharing but mostly doing.


How do you set up a shot?

I’m a chameleon and as with most surviving professional photographers what day of the week are you talking about? Seriously, there is no single way that I set up a shot. That said, in my more recent personal work I really try not to set up a shot but let the shot find me. If I start off with too many preconceived constraints I find I can actually miss “the shot”.


In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

A good photograph is a careful balance of technical prowess and idea/concept/feeling with neither overshadowing but supporting the other. A great photograph successfully communicates an idea/concept/feeling with technical prowess and resonates with the viewer.