Urban Spotlight: Guy Lafontaine


October 1-30 2017 | Opening Reception October 12 from 6-9pm

Urban features the work of Stephanie Kretzschmer, Guy Lafontaine, Robert McIntyre, Joachim Oepkes, David Edwards and Alan Dunlop. This exhibition focuses on the evolution of cities and humankind’s relationship to space.

Guy Lafontaine


What inspires you?

My inspiration in photography comes from finding a subject of interest to me and from my desire to keep a visual trace of that subject. That new subject should be somehow related to other subjects that I covered in the past or should complement my earlier projects.

Will that new photograph be of any significance to properly convey an emotion or should I walk away. I usually work on specific subjects for prolonged periods of time, thru which I try to cover the subject as close as possible to my initial intention.

Outside the boundaries of defined projects, the available light is a great trigger point for me. The way the subject is light can awaken my desire to photograph it.


How do you set up a shot?

I usually define a project on which I will devote my efforts and will cover that subject until my initial vision is reached. I will spend significant time defining the boundaries for an upcoming project. That thinking process can sometime span over several weeks until I can get a clear vision before I can proceed with the first images.

I will use the same set of gear throughout a given project.


In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

To my opinion, no fixed set of rules applies to define what a good photograph is. A good photograph is precisely located at the equilibrium point between a visual record and an emotional response to a subject or situation. It should to tell a story, bring the viewer to question himself about it. It needs to be properly structured to support it and be visually appealing. A photograph that would trigger a second glance from a viewer is a good indication of a good photograph.