Urban Spotlight: Alan Dunlop


October 1-30 2017 | Opening Reception October 12 from 6-9pm

Urban features the work of Stephanie Kretzschmer, Guy Lafontaine, Robert McIntyre, Joachim Oepkes, David Edwards and Alan Dunlop. This exhibition focuses on the evolution of cities and humankind’s relationship to space.

Alan Dunlop


What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from many things: the work of other photographers and artists, family and friends, nature, the city and every day life.  The list is endless. But some times, inspiration doesn’t come easily. We often become blind to our everyday surroundings and experiences. We go down the same streets, see the same people, the same buildings without really seeing them and being aware of the changes around us. What challenges and inspires me as a photographer is remain aware of my surroundings and discovering new perspectives of seeing and capturing a moment in time in a different and unique way in order to tell a story.

Dunlop5806 bLoRes

How do you set up a shot?

 I don’t set up my shots. When I go out to photograph, I generally walk around an area for a couple of hours, so I travel light.  I choose one of four lens before setting out and don’t take a tripod. My aim is to blend into my environment and not bring attention to myself. For my fragmented images, I set up my camera to create multiple exposures or drag the shutter to do long exposures.  As I wander the streets, I observe what’s in front of me and in many cases stop and wait for the right moment. Some times that means waiting for the light to change, for people to walk into the picture or for traffic to move. I don’t control my environment, but I am always looking for the unusual angle or perspective. Having said that, I also remain open and ready to adapt quickly should an unexpected situation occur that requires a different approach.


In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

Many elements can make a good picture: it can be the quality of the light, the angle, the subject matter, the overall composition. A good photograph may follows all the rules, but it could one that breaks them. Ultimately though, a good photograph, in my opinion, is one that makes people stop, take a second look and ask questions. It should communicate something to the viewer; draw them in, tell a story, and arouse some emotion.