Urban Spotlight: Joachim Oepkes


October 1-30 2017 | Opening Reception October 12 from 6-9pm

Urban features the work of Stephanie Kretzschmer, Guy Lafontaine, Robert McIntyre, Joachim Oepkes, David Edwards and Alan Dunlop. This exhibition focuses on the evolution of cities and humankind’s relationship to space.

Joachim Oepkes


What inspires you?

My creative drive is fuelled by constant explorations – endless hours of work – a labour of love. Since my youth, my ideas and projects have been affected by listening to great music whether classical, jazz, or contemporary compositions. My best work is inspired by the best music.


How do you set up a shot?

Usually, I engage a theme and find a location and setting to compose images. My works are created in an environment that is not based in a studio. My darkroom is Lightroom Adobe software.

Keep Right
What makes a good photograph?

One which will never be chosen to be seen on a calendar.