Call for Submissions: Kindred

Salina Kindred Promo.jpg



October 20/21 and November 1-29 2017

Connections is looking for photographers to submit portraits of people that they admire from their community. Each image will be supplemented by a story about the person and why they are important to the photographer.

Each portrait will be printed using an alternative process, which will be a permanent record of the person and their story.

Kindred aims to highlight the importance of community to the advancement of humankind.

This show will also feature select works by David Hunsburger. The images will feature the Mennonite community and how they come together in times of need.

As a Connections Project, this exhibition will be traveling as a pop up show on easels. This allows us to move from location to location with relative ease and maximize exposure of the work. When the show returns to Toronto, it will be framed and installed at the Connections Gallery at 1840 Danforth

This exhibition will be advertised in Canadian Art Magazine


Montreal Museum.jpg

The Ecomusée Du Fier MondeOctober 20/21 2017

Final Edit gallery full

Connections Gallery-  November 1-29 2017 Opening reception November 2

John Migicovsky Promo (1).jpg

Montreal will follow this formula:

Friday: arrive and set up in morning. VIP/Collectors preview which will be a ticketed event

Saturday: Show available for viewing late morning into afternoon. Public reception open to everyone that evening. Take down after reception ends.

The Toronto portion will be a month long show with an opening reception.


Exhibition fees (space rentals, receptions, transportation etc) $350


Silver Gelatin: $110

Platinum Palladium: $190

Gum over Palladium: $245

This equates to 25% off normal production costs

Prints can be made from any source (digital or film negative)

Please send images or a proposal to Carissa

IMG_2756 (1).JPG

What is Connections?

We believe that expanding a photographer’s reach is beneficial to professional growth. Getting outside of one’s community and having fresh eyes looking at new work and getting feedback. Our main goal is to create a network of photographers and galleries that can work together to showcase photography.

Our first connection was with L’Espace Contemporain in Montreal where we have sent photographers to exhibit work, and have brought photographers here to the Dylan Ellis Gallery.

2017 projects include the Alternative Photo Revolution which went to Glen Echo, Maryland and New Orleans, and will be a part of the CONTACT Photo Festival.

Why Alt Printing

 We know that through exhaustive research on print permanence that the noble metals of platinum palladium will not fade, in fact the paper will decompose before the metal will go away. Platinum palladium and gum over palladium have the look, texture and feeling of work done in the very beginning of photographic printmaking. Contemporary prints cannot give us the colour palette and physical sense that these two processes offer. In all cases the base paper is Hahnamuhle Platinum, a very lovely 100% rag paper. The noble metal of platinum palladium sinks into the very fabric of this paper and any resulting pigment is layered on top for an exquisite image.




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