Culture Days at 1840 Danforth!


Alternative Photo Printmaking Demos and Vintage Portraits

October 1st and 2nd


Watch a demo for historical printing processes platinum palladium and multiple gum over. Then have your portrait taken with a vintage camera!

Bob Carnie, master printer will briefly present the various steps involved and show you one part of the process.
Photographer Aurélien Muller will be combining the tech of a 21st century digital camera with a 19th century camera to take your portrait, creating an accumulative pop up portrait show in the gallery.

Demonstrations are 45 minutes long and will start on the hour from 10am with the last demo starting at 4pm
Portraits will be ongoing from 10am-5pm

Activities are the same for both days.

Please call or email to book your slot!  416.778.6969



Aurélien Muller


For Culture Days I will be building an ad hoc photo studio combining old and new technology. In partnership with Bob Carnie and the Dylan Ellis Gallery I will use modern digital technology to capture portraits through a vintage 8×10 inch wood studio camera.  Come get your portrait taken and walk out with a small printed version of it while we will build the show in the gallery with the accumulation of portraits.

Aurélien [MAc] is photographer based in Toronto. His work uses both traditional, digital and hybrid processes as well as collaboration in Video and theater. Aurélien is fascinated by issues of identity and ideology, producing work on the fringe of documentary.




Heather Fulton


Heather Fulton is a Toronto-born artist whose practice is based in analog, alternative, and experimental photographic printing processes. She is a primarily self taught printmaker with experience in screen printing, cyanotype and silver gelatin processes, and most recently, platinum/palladium and gum printing. Heather’s practice is largely rooted in the relationship between the fragility of human memory and the inherent vulnerability associated with these photographic processes.


Bob Carnie

bob image 2

I have been making photographic prints now for over 43 years and still get the same excitement making them as when I first started.
Working in a darkroom is very enjoyable and worth the effort.

Meat Bones

Paulette Michayluk

alt printing-6.jpg

I have always liked taking pictures and, after taking alot of photographs, I still do – but printing a photograph is what truly interests me. I became interested in antique photographic processes when I realized that darkrooms were beginning to disappear and the knowledge of how to print a photograph was becoming obsolete. By learning how to control every aspect of a photograph, I am able to continue doing what I love – making images.

I have studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design and worked with many photographers and printers.


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