Tribute to Sabattier | Q&A pt.2


Bob Carnie’s exhibition, Tribute to Sabattier is an ongoing printing project years in the making.

This show is on from August 4th to September 16 with an opening reception on August 20th

How did you start with this process?

I have always printed in a wet darkroom and many times when testing an image I would quickly throw out an unfixed print as it was obviously too dark or too light after the duration of time needed for development. After a while I started to look into the garbage pile and noticed curious effects that actually looked quite cool.

For years I tried to figure out this process, but it was not until I was lead to a manuscript written by Mr. Jolly on Solarization, another name for Sabattier, did I become able to fully grasp the process.

Meat Bones.jpg

What is your subject matter?

Since I am landlocked with my printing operation I rely on simple objects that can be found locally, I started with crushed aluminum from a plant behind my shop, I bought vegetables and meat from a local Sobeys, the fishing lures come from my tackle box. The rest are items that people bring to me.

What do you want to say or do with this project?

I’m not sure I am saying too much with this, other than leaving behind a permanent record of everyday objects, that people hundreds of years from now may get some amusement or be interested in seeing.

Each object I am tying to make quite beautiful which may be part of my printer upbringing.

pick one

photo credit/Kevin Kelly


Bob Carnie is a Toronto-based photographer/printer  with an international reputation for printing traditional and digital for acclaimed photographers, galleries and museums. Being most in his element while working in the darkroom, Carnie maintains a hands-on approach that fuels his passion for photography.

Bob is also the owner of The Dylan Ellis Gallery which is an extension of his photographic experience. This gallery allows photographers to showcase their work.

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