Service Spotlight: Contemporary Printing

bob image 2.jpg

What does the contemporary photo world look like right now? 

Inkjet technology is king right now, we see this process everywhere and at our lab we use the Canon line of printers with unprecedented 12 ink pigment sets, that actually have a colour palette beyond a typical RA4 print we would see with our lambda, or others chromira printing devices.

We are seeing people push the envelope with capture devices (Iphone) and these mirrorless digital capture devices that amaze me each time I open up a file to make a print.

Paper sources are abundant from bamboo to backlight, rag to glossy; it’s a very exciting time for printing compared to 30 years ago.

bob image.jpg

Can anyone print his or her images from any device? 

I think anyone with access to Photoshop or Lightroom can unleash amazing savings and opportunities to control the look of their work. We are seeing files come in from all points that follow our recommendation of set up and get consistent predictable results, and the really smart workers learn to gang up files and test large projects then when satisfied go to final print size with the settings set up for future printing.

All the devices are available for different purposes and yes you can even give us a negative and we will make a traditional silver gelatin print using time honoured wet darkroom methods.