Marie Heintzman

Portfolio Show | March 2-March 30 | Opening March 3 6pm-9pm

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Marie Heintzman is a photographic artist residing in Blackstock, Ontario. Following a rewarding, professional career as a clinical audiologist and business woman, Marie embraced a creative career in art and photography in 2009. Intensive study at the Summit Photography Workshop in Jackson, Wyoming honed her technical skills and fuelled her longstanding love affair with nature and wildlife. Whether photographing grizzly bears and their cubs in Alaska, polar bears in northern Canada, bison in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem or cheetahs in Eastern Africa, Marie strives to share the excitement of the moment and an understanding of the importance of wildlife conservancy.

When not enjoying a wilderness adventure, Marie experiments with the integration of science and art in centuries-old architectural structures. Her creative play with the shafts of light in these pseudo- camera obscura environments is the underpinning of her Light Tapestry Series.

Marie’s portfolios: Light Tapestries: Landscapes, Abstract and Fleurons; Wildlife: Today for Tomorrow; and Survival: Gift of the Great Spirit have been shown in exhibitions at CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival, Arta Gallery and Dylan Ellis Gallery in Toronto and editions of these are in private local and international collections. Marie is honoured to be the recipient of an RMG- Exposed Award and to have a selection of works from her Light Tapestry Series, hanging in the new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.


The prints in this exhibition are a selection from my portfolio entitled, Once Upon an Eagle. During a canoe trip down the Snake River in Jackson, Wyoming, it was not uncommon to spot bald eagles peering down from the tree tops or soaring overhead. On this fall day, however, a mature bald eagle and a juvenile were feasting on a large trout at the water’s edge. Quite oblivious to our presence… it was a photographer’s dream.

Once Upon an Eagle represents a convergence of the photographic work which led to my previously exhibited Wildlife and Light Tapestry portfolios ( My wildlife photography has focused on honouring the subject matter in its natural environment and conveying the excitement that I feel in the moment that the shutter is released. My Light Tapestry portfolios followed long periods of playful experimentation with shafts of light, which subsequently led to a greater understanding of colour, luminance and light patterns. This focus and knowledge, when applied to the eagle prints in Once Upon an Eagle, proved to be a creative way to exemplify and honour such a majestic, spiritual bird as well as evoke the same, intense excitement that I experienced while photographing these eagles on the shore of the Snake River.