Adam Killick

Portfolio I | March 2-March 30 2016 | Opening March 3 6pm-9pm

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I got my first SLR when I was 11, and since then, a camera has seldom left my side, which sometimes makes sleeping uncomfortable. My work in photography and documentary journalism has spanned everything from dog-sled trails in Alaska to side streets in Argentina to the shipping lanes of the north Atlantic. I have ruined numerous cameras attempting to achieve ill-advised, unorthodox perspectives of people, animals, and 40-foot-high ocean waves.

Working with and learning from environmental portrait and landscape photographers like Richard Hartmier and Paul Souders, my own portraits, landscapes and seascapes have been featured in Outside, the UK’s Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, and most reputable (and some disreputable) Canadian magazines and newspapers. My commissioned work includes portraits of lawyers, actors, pipelines, Premiers, children, and even the children of Premiers.


Land to Sea: Portfolio Selects were chosen from images I made while sailing, alone, around Newfoundland on my 26-foot sailboat, Solebay. Newfoundland is saturated by the sea, culturally and physically. The water is never far away, and these images, taken from all corners of the island, remind me of the tenacity and resolve it takes to live and work in an environment that can be as hostile as it is beautiful – often within the same moment.